A prisoner of my premises

One of my most favorite quotations about writing, from Umberto Eco, in the author notes to The Name of the Rose:

… when I put him in the library, I did not yet know he was the murderer. He acted on his own, so the speak. And it must not be thought that this is online casino an “idealistic” position, as if I were saying that the characters have an autonomous life and the author, in a kind of trance, makes them behave as they themselves direct him. That kind of nonsense belongs in term papers. The fact is that characters are obliged to act according to the laws of the world in which they live. In other words, the narrator is a prisoner of his own premises.

(My italics. My bolding, I mean, since WordPress renders quotations in italics.)

This thought brought to you by working on Choice of Romance II.  I.e., Crap, I didn”t create a variable for that!

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