Home from Arisia. Thud.

It’s still going on, but I’m done for this year.

I had a great time – left with my notebook full of notes and my brain full of thoughts generated by panels and other meetings with brilliant people. I enjoyed the spectacle of all the awesome costumes and the general joie de vivre. (I was particularly impressed by the bellydance performance – knowing, as I do, just enough technique to recognize when someone else is not in fact doing something easy, but rather doing something insanely difficult and just making it look easy.)

My reading went off well (still too fast, Richard tells me, but I’m learning), as did my first ever Arisia panel. Considering a) it was also only my second time serving on any panel ever, b) I met my co-panelists 5 minutes before we were due to begin, and c) our moderator didn’t make it, so we had to self-moderate on the fly – considering all that, the panel went not just well but brilliantly. One audience question gave me the perfect set up to make my Bujold point, so yay there. Another let me talk a little about the opening line of Timepiece. Yay there, too. Even better, though my co-panelists and I were generally in agreement, they approached the topic from perspectives just different enough from my own that I walked away feeling like I’d learned something too.

And now I am going to bed, kthanxbye. Open question: will have energy to drive in for Boston Indies tomorrow night (to nurture the game developer part of my brain)? Answer hazy, try again later.

Upcoming: More about the writing of Timekeeper. And maybe something on “Write What You Know,” generated from what I said on the Arisia panel of the same name. (The last time I served on a panel, back at PAX East 2011, was it? – that generated a blog post in its wake too.)

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