My schedule for Arisia 2014!

I am crazy excited to be an official program participant at Arisia this year! You can find me at:

Saturday 7pm: Narratives and Counternarratives

A panel about paying homage to old stories and figuring out how to deal with their sexist and racist baggage, moderated by Mikki Kendall, and featuring Daniel Josè Older, Walt Williams, and me.

Saturday 8:30pm: Designing a Memoriable PC

A panel about tips and techniques for creating memorable and fun characters for all sorts of tabletop roleplaying games, moderated by Peter Maranci, and featuring me, David Olsen, William C. Walker, and…I’m not sure how people do this. I’m gonna go with the badge name…Wraithe.

Sunday 10am: Interactivity in Fiction

A panel on interactive fiction, moderated by Eric Amundsen, and featuring Max Gladstone, Forest Handford, Carolyn VanEseltine, and me.

Sunday 11:30am: Cambridge Science Fiction Workshop Flash Fiction Reading

James Cambias, Alexander Jablokov, Steve Popkes, Ken Schneyer, Sarah Smith and I read our short fiction.

Sunday 1pm: Sherlock Showdown

A panel on the pros and cons of all the different recent Sherlock Holmes adaptations, moderated by Gordon Linzner, and featuring me, Jennifer Pelland, John Murphy, and Shenanigans.

Monday 10am: Looking Forward to Last Thursday

A panel on time travel fiction and writing the time travel story, moderated by John Chu, and featuring Ellen Larson, John G. McDaid, Justine Graykin, and me.

Hope to see you there!

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