The Ennies have spoken. Long live Pelgrane.

I’ve never yet made it to GenCon. Someday. One of these years. I must say I’m particularly sorry to have missed it this year, given what I hear of Kevin Kulp’s awesome MCing of the Ennies. 🙂

(That is, the “GenCon EN World RPG Awards,” for those of you unfamiliar with the term.)

It’s also a shame I wasn’t there in person to cheer on as Pelgrane Press cleaned up, winning Silvers for Best Adventure, Best Aid/Accessory, Best Free Product, and Fan’s Choice for Best Publisher, AND winning Golds for Best Podcast, Best RPG-Related Product, Best Supplement, Best Writing, and, wait for it, Product of the Year.

(Did I miss any? I think I got them all.)

I am especially thrilled that the aforementioned winner of the Gold for Best Writing and for Product of the Year was The Dracula Dossier, which I am proud to have contributed to.

It was a fantastically fun project to work on, a great execution of a great idea, driven forward by some amazingly skilled and talented folks. It’s wonderful to see it getting the recognition it deserves.

Congratulations to Pelgrane!

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