Arisia 2017!

Will you be at Arisia this year? So will I!

You can find me at:

Emerging Trends In Game Technology

Friday at 8:30 in Fanueil

Augmented Reality now has mass appeal. The Virtual Reality market is getting overcrowded. Giant procedurally generated worlds are old hat. Yesterday’s promises are already mundane. So what’s next? Our panelists weigh in on which new technologies developers are embracing, and which might just be vaporware.


The Stories People Play

Saturday at 2:30 in Marina 3

Video games are often an interactive experience, and a good story can help immerse the participants. But interactivity changes the requirements for a good story, doesn’t it? If you want to give your audience choices, those choices will affect the outcome. How do you write something with that caveat? Do all games need a story to be enjoyable? If you just want to take out the alien invasion with your boomstick, does it matter *why* they are invading? In this panel, we will discuss these and more.


Writing A Great LARP

Sunday at 5:30 in Marina 3

Beyond the nuts and bolts of creating and running a game, what makes one truly excellent? The panelists will explore character writing, plot design, and game structure, and discuss what makes a game into something that people will talk about and recommend to others.


The Broad Universe Table

sometimes, but not other times, in the dealer room

Where, if all goes well, I will be selling Timepiece!


Very much looking forward to the fun. See you there!

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