Want to be quoted in an ECGC talk?

I am in search of BRIEF positive quotes about LARPing. Ideally, the emotional impact, but I’ll take what I can get.

I’m not kidding when I say brief; it needs to look good on a slide.

For example, “I got choked up telling the story afterward.”

Or, “There were times during the game when it was very difficult to tell if I was myself or I was my character” (a quote from Rachael Eyre re Crooked House’s magnificent God Rest Ye Merry.)

“it was a thousand times cooler to see it in real life than it had ever been to see it in my head” – me, re Iron & Lace


Obviously, if you wanted to make it about one of my games, that would be awesome, but by no means necessary. Why do you love LARPing? Tell me in a comment, and give me a name or handle by which to credit you, and odds are good you’ll show up on an ECGC slide. Thank you!

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