Seeking logistical advice (for a Timebound scene)

Hey, Internet, I need some logistical assistance with this scene. Got a minute?

The best access to the place you need to sneak 9 people into is a 75-foot suspension bridge over a gorge, patrolled by two guards, with a third sitting on an alarm system at the far end. Your orders are to “kill the guards as quietly as possible and get inside.” Of your 9-member team, 4 are the specialists who need to get inside, and therefore should preferably not be involved in a fight. The other 5 are cover.

(These constraints are historical and I did not make them up – not even the gorge – FWIW.)

A) What are some strategies / tactics the 9-person team might employ to get this done?

B) What are some best practices the guards should be employing to minimize the chances of people like this 9-person team succeeding in getting past them, in this way or in any other way?

It’s nighttime; the visibility can be as good or bad as desired. It’s winter in an exceedingly cold climate, and the guards are wearing hoods optimized for warmth that somewhat compromise their field of vision. Basic “throw a rock to distract the guards” tactics don’t fit the feel of the scene, since everyone involved is a professional soldier.

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