The Frankenstein Chronicles

I’m not completely sure why I didn’t discover The Frankenstein Chronicles before now. I think I read a negative review early on, or maybe I was confusing it with something else. But Richard and I were searching for something new to watch after finishing The Alienist (very very good, by the way, assuming you can stomach the premise) and we stumbled upon it, and it seemed to check all my checkboxes. The clinching factor was Sean Bean in the title role. I’ll watch him do almost anything. (Even this.)

We’re two episodes in, and so far so good. It’s got a lot going for it. The premise of a private investigator with his own demons getting overly involved in a case that reminds him of said demons is a great premise no matter where it’s set, and a particularly good one if one of the things you want to do is showcase the world. This particular world (London, 1826) is a period of British history that is often neglected, falling as it does after Waterloo and before the Victorian era – even before what is usually considered Dickensian, since Dickens was only 14 that year. The plot ties in nicely with some real historical happenings. And, of course, it’s investigating and interrogating the Frankenstein mythos, and I’m all for that.

Even if it turns out to be disappointing, Sean Bean is great, and I’m prepared to forgive the writers a great deal for including the in-joke of making this particular private investigator a veteran of the Peninsula. “I was a soldier.” “What regiment?” “95th. Rifleman.” Hell yeah, he was.

All that said – I am really, truly, seriously irritated that they stole my song.

I spent a long time researching music hall songs to find an appropriate one to have Katarina sing in the first-timeline-1885 part of Timebound. Oranges and Lemons” actually works really well for a variety of reasons, and I ended up weaving it through the narrative, using it as a metaphor in a couple of other (somewhat important, character-building) scenes.

And that’s the song that The Frankenstein Chronicles chose to use as the theme music for the missing child.

And the first season of The Frankenstein Chronicles came out in 2017, so even though I didn’t see it until now, everyone will think I and my Frankenstein-themed book stole it from them.


At least you all know better now. 🙂

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