Released by WorldWalker Games:

Wildermyth – a character-driven, procedurally-generated tactical RPG. Lead a band of unique heroes as they grow from reluctant farmers into legendary fighters. Gather threads of beauty, magic, and strife to weave your own ever-growing legend.

Released By Choice of Games:

A Study in Steampunk: Choice by Gaslight – Steam-powered mechs meet forbidden sorcery! In a world of gaslit streets, mysteriously long-lived foreign nobles, and master criminals, will you defend your Empire from spies or overthrow it from within? Inspired by Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, Jekyll & Hyde, and Jack the Ripper.

Choice of Broadsides (with Adam Strong-Morse and Dan Fabulich) – A swashbuckling naval adventure in the spirit of C. S. Forester’s Hornblower or Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin books, with a dash of Jane Austen. Honorable Mention winner in the 2011 Independent Games Festival Nuovo awards!

Choice of Zombies (with Richard Jackson) – Fight for survival in a world overrun by zombies! Can you stay alive long enough to get your friends to a place of safety? Will you keep your humanity intact or become a bloodthirsty zombie hunter? And will you discover the secret behind the zombie virus? First Place Winner of IntroComp 2011!

– the Affairs of the Court trilogy

– Choice of Romance (with Adam Strong-Morse) – Play as a young courtier who catches the monarch’s eye. Will you find true love? Gain a crown? Lose your head? A game of romance, deception and court intrigue.

– Choice of Intrigues (with Adam Strong-Morse) – The sequel to Choice of Romance. What will you do with your new-found power as the tides of the court ebb and flow around you? Will you control those tides, or will you drown beneath them?

– Til Death Do Us Part (with Adam Strong-Morse and Dan Fabulich) – The climactic conclusion to the Affairs of the Court trilogy, a story of clandestine love affairs, revolution, and betrayal. Who will seize the throne when the monarch is dead?


Reviews of Choice of Games:

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Released By EarPlay:

Jurassic World Revealed – Now available on the Amazon Echo! A new interactive audio story set during the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Travel with podcaster Janet Best in a daring attempt to report on the fate of the dinosaurs as the island’s dormant volcano roars to life. Can you use your survival instincts to make the right choices and uncover the story behind the scenes of Jurassic World…before it’s too late?

Codename Cygnus – Now available on the Amazon Echo! An interactive radio drama that uses speech recognition to cast you as the secret agent in a branching story. Winner of the Critics Choice Award (and a number of others) at Indie Prize Europe!


Published By Pelgrane Press:

The Dracula Dossier – a supplement to Pelgrane’s Night’s Black Agents RPG. Winner of 2016 ENnie Gold for Best Writing and Best Product!

TimeWatch – History is written by the people with the time machines. Now you can be one of them. 2017 nominee for ENnie Product of the Year!

The Book of Changing Years – a supplement to Pelgrane’s TimeWatch RPG. 2017 nominee for ENnie Best Writing!

The Persephone Extraction – a supplement to Pelgrane’s Night Black Agents RPG – five desperate adventures to save the living from the hungry dead!


Educational Games:

Vixi – Learn about different schools of philosophy and discover to which you naturally belong. Created in partnership with Suffolk University.

– Steampunk Rochester – an augmented reality adventure that takes you through the streets of turn-of-the-century Rochester NY, where you interact with historical figures and follow a mystery to its source. Created in partnership with the Rochester Institute of Technology.