“We had an effect,” Maxwell said, a note of something like hysteria in his voice.

“We did this,” Elizabeth said, the same note in hers.

“We’ll fix it,” William told her, and took her hand.

In Timepiece, a pocket watch that was much more than just a pocket watch swept Elizabeth Barton and William Carrington seventy years into the future, from 1815 to 1885. Horrified by what they found there—a steampunk dystopia patrolled by Gatling-gun-wielding robots—they joined fellow time traveler Mr. Maxwell in his quest to prevent that future from coming true. It seemed at times as though the three of them faced insurmountable obstacles, but in the end, they succeeded.

Unfortunately, the new 1885 they created is at least as bad as the one they first encountered. In Timekeeper, Elizabeth, William, and Maxwell must face the consequences of their actions and attempt to undo the damage they caused—a task that may not be as simple as it seems, for there is more at stake than meets the eye, and they are not the only ones attempting to affect the timeline.

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